June 14

a METROPOL Theatre Production, Tirana Cultural Center

Translated, Adapted and Directed by Genti Bejko

with: Gert Ferra, Julian Deda, Niada Saliasi, Irgen Cela

Scene and Costume Design by Endrit Selmani

Artistic Director  Suela Konjari

From more than 15 years He lost his hand and now he’s back in  Metropol Theatre wanting it returned to him…

Everyone misses something in life. someone misses a brain piece, someone else misses a hand…

Everything he wants is just a hand-give… a behanding. A missed relationship which makes life easier.

We ‘baked’ a comedy…

…you came and ‘burned’ it by laughing 🙂



Tirana, February 2013

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About the author 

Genti Bejko

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