Waiting on Ulysses

Waiting on Ulysses – 2001

Comedia dell’ Arte play, inspired by the satirical drama of Euripide  The Cyclops,

Synopsis:  everybody knows what happen when Ulysses landed in the island of the Cyclops. But what “exactly happened” the “true story” ?

We were the only survivals of that tremendious comedy.

Ulysses and his friend and serv Ajaxes land on the island, hungry and sexually absent. First person they meet is Silenus, an old crazy man condemned by the gods to serve at Polyphemus, the most fearfull of all the Cyclops. While they trade for food with the old man, offering him gallons of divine wine, they flirt with Silenus’s daughter, a young lady still dreaming of her hero’s coming to save her.

Ulysses as the most privileged, because he is the leader, has the right of flirting first, but gets fastly cought in flagrance by the old Silenus. The old man gets angry, starts shouting and crying loudly.

Tremendious steps coming forward them… and here he is the biggest of them all. He finds out and smells the human kind happily ’cause at final he’d have some fresh human dinner. Feared to death, Ulysses understands the barbarian side of this tremendious kind and gives his friend, Ajaxes,  in feed to polyphemus, in order  to gain time. Helped also bythe beautifull manly appearance of Silenia he finds a pairs of stairs in the darkly cave and puts a modern half-knife and half-mike, to polyphefus eye. After all that he takes what he needs and goes toward his fate, living the barbarian island with a blind leader, a drunken and lonely old, and a broken-hearted young and innocent girl.

An exilarating  comedy about the modern and “wise” men that used to visite and show to our pour and “barbarian” island how we should live our lifes.

The comedy was written and performed in the period that Albania was “invaded” by a lot of fake “humanitarian” organistions. Among the truly organizations, in the period these organizations or individuals used to use the europian fonds for pour and in-need contries like Albania. What they really did were just trying to use or have some fun in these undeveloped and “barbarian” lands, or even organizing meetings and workshops about useless things.

A parody of pain…

…where every line is a laugh on it’s own. 



written by

Genti Bejko

scene & Costumes

Endrit Selmani

directed by

Genti Bejko & Elton Papuciu



Ulysess – Ervin Bejleri

Old Silennius – Gentjan Zenelaj

Silennia – Lulzim Zeqja

Polyphemus – Elton Papuciu

Ajaxes – Genti Bejko

Joker – Endrit Selmani

Copyright © Genti Bejko, 1999

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