Hamlet…follow the script!

Hamlet…follow the script!

a comedy, written & directed by

Genti Bejko


Hamlet, follow the script!!! Started as a symbiosis of the original ‘Hamlet’ of W.Shakespear and the characters of the Masters from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by the same author.

In few words, the Masters after the great success of  ’Piramus & Tisbe’ decide to perform the greatest of all tragedies… Hamlet! They start rehearsing with the original play but as the director has not enough money to produce the show, he decides to share the roles by two or three for each actor in order also to share the money into ‘the family’. the tragedy starts and step by step it finishes into a terrifying comedy of acting errors, misunderstandings, conflicts between actors and actors and directors. Basically  it is not a tragedy and in the same time it is not a comedy of the great W. Shakespear. It is a tragi-comedy of a group of amateur actors that don’t know how to, but love making theater. It is an analyze of the hard Actor’s life in an unstable post-communist country that the last thing it concerns about is it’s culture.


Ilir Muhametaj


Romir Zalla, Gentjan Zenelaj, Marin Orhanasi, Ervina Kotolloshi, Julian Deda

Copyright © Genti Bejko, 2004

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