Final Bath

a play for an actor by Roberto Lerici


A man closed in a public toilette, an unemployed intelectual, rises ‘the temple’ of contradictions, fantasies, dreams, and thoughts in a fight against himself and the society. Defending himself from a world always more and more intolerant, he runs through millions of internal conflicts.

Running away from the human world, he looks for, and finds peace in an antihuman place, gives spirit to some of the most well known characters of World Literature, exploding into the human deliriums, in a time period which  Samuel Beckett himself considered a requiem of humanism. It is a dramatic script, a wandering meditation all what’s performed in the stage by a solist actor.


directed by

Genti Bejko


Ilir Muhametaj

stage & costume design

Endrit Selmani



Julian Deda