written by

Genti Bejko

A One-Day-Diary of 6 IDIOTS

A 75 minute Situation Comedy Feature.

Total Shooting time: 5 days… 4.5 days to be precise.

Cast of carachters

ELA –(Niada Saliasi) owner of Super Bar, a club in the suburbs of Tirana, capital of Albania. Around the 25es, very pretty, daughter of the Chief Police Department. An angry bird by appearance.

TONY – (Orsi Vangjeli) Ela’s boyfriend, same age, bartender, more sensitive than needed. Scared bird by an angry one.

JIMMY – (Gert Ferra) around the 30es. An ignorant guy spending his time cheating, gambling, mocking and stealing. The kind of guy always living in your neighborhood never getting out of it. Idiot very much.

RICHIE – (Ergys Cekrezi) Jimmy’s Alter Ego. Grown up with him. Living the same life. Just a little bit smarter than Jimmy. But just a very little bit.

ALMA – (Ilirda Bejleri) The unusual girl next door… not at all pretty. Naïve but kind. Nonsense by birth.

JETI – (masculine of JETA-meaning LIFE in Albanian). (Genti Bejko)

Jimmy’s best friend, once a thief but now a honest van driver… maybe. Just plant something, someone, someday will reap it off for you for sure.

The entire feature is a comedy of situations with notes of dark humor and comic horror.

The main idea of 6 IDIOTS is a parody of the urban life in Albania. Ignorance is damaging the real values but sometime serving for good.

The state works with broken lungs, with the crime world living next door and passing unnoticed.

Children growing up with no good examples to follow. A youth gone bad. What to do.

6 idiots after an idiotic conclusion give you a choice.

If society in its garden of values stimulates ignorance and grows idiots and plants monsters the result reaping will be a horrible epigone youth.

The idiotic choice of this comedy?

Make the ‘idiots’ find the monsters that can use a vacuum cleaner to clear off the idiots. Then take the good cops to clean the monsters capable of using Vacuum cleaners. In the end the Better with harmless idiots than living insecure a monster house, no?!?!

If it is right or idiotic? On you to decide.

At the end it is just a Dark Situation Comedy as life itself.

Treated as a one-day-diary with fragmented scenes like an idiotic brain memory stick works, stage by stage solving a scene, it is left always a new WHY, keeping the curiosity alive.

By all this situations we understand that they are not visually idiots. The way their logic works is idiotic.

The camera works in a subjective way creating the impression of mock documentary as a visual one-day-diary and moving up the action.

Music is contemporary and effect are dominated by comedy. The main theme is created for this feature purpose.

The song “For you my country” is a patriotic song about the strength of our country during the communist period. A beautiful song with no politic ideas on it, but making a harsh contrast with the ignorance of our characters, and strengthening the sarcasm in reality of a non-rising status-quo country situation.

A Balkan dark situation comedy.

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